Value Enrichment Internal

(Company Employees)

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The Success Catalyst help executives lead their company to improve market value

Members: We assist the company leadership team and key employees to establish a program to improve the value of their company.

Program Elements:

  • Periodic meetings combined with coaching

  • Annual assessment on the company’s market value

Reasons to Investigate Company Value Enrichment (Internal Teams):

  • Concerned about the future value of your company. Will there will be enough to take care of all the stakeholders when the company ultimately transition to new leadership or ownership?

  • Frustrated with little or slow company growth. Are you uncertain about how to fix it? Do traditional problem-solving methods like consultants or hiring new people tend to underwhelm? You understand that optimizing their company’s value is a long-term play, and delaying actions/plans severely limit eventual possibilities and benefits.

  • Annoyed by the level of personal involvement their company requires to operate effectively. Leaders that realize the potential market value of their company is discounted conversely by the level of personal effort they have to invest to keep day to day operations running. Some of these leaders feel trapped, because the level of their current day-to-day effort doesn’t afford them time to think about enhancing company value.

  • Disappointed in workforce motivation. Employees seem uninspired despite providing them a healthy environment combined with competitive compensation and benefits.

  • Annoyed by setbacks. Blind spots may be in your way of better decision making.

  • Frustrated by poor execution. Your company seems to be a step behind the competition.

  • Dissatisfaction with the lack of innovation. Will there be a disruptive innovation that will catch your company by surprise?


We organize assist a company’s leadership team around the objective of increasing the its market value.

Programs start with an assessment of company market value. There are eight factors that drive company value beyond simple revenue and profits. Research of over 40,000 companies show that there are actually 8 critical factors that drive a company’s market value. From the level of involvement required from the primary business leader to maintain day-to-day operations to the structure of the client portfolio, these factors are the critical components of increasing a company value.

All of the companies The Success Catalyst works with take an assessment of these 8 critical factors which provides an objective score their company market value in context to their industry (on a scale of up to 100). Benchmarking shows that companies achieving a score of 80+ go on to sell at a 71% premium compared to average-scoring businesses (the average score is 59).

Programs are customized to get the team focused on improving market by focusing on the 8 critical factors that drive a company’s market value.

For a company to Play to Win, rallying around enhancing company market value is a starting point.