Company Value Enrichment

(Mastermind Teams)

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Growth minded leaders improve the valuation of their business

Members: CEOs, business owners, presidents, general managers, chiefs of operations, and other leading executives with overall profit and loss responsibility for their business and are serious about improving the value of their business.

Program Elements:

  • Monthly meetings combined with coaching

  • Shared commitment to improve the market value of their company and engage in an annual assessment on the its marketability

  • Make commits to their team to improvement the market value of their company to remain on the team.

Reasons to Investigate CEO Forums:

  • Concerned about the future value of your company. Will there will be enough to take care of all the stakeholders when the company ultimately transition to new leadership or ownership?

  • Frustrated with little or slow company growth. Are you uncertain about how to fix it? Do traditional problem-solving methods like consultants or hiring new people tend to underwhelm?

  • Cynical about mastermind groups. Have been a part of a mastermind groups and believe that these teams don’t work for you? However, you still have lingering issues that hurt your business performance, and you believe that a team could be effective if it had the right members and with effective leadership.

  • Disappointed in workforce motivation. Employees seem uninspired despite providing them a healthy environment combined with competitive compensation and benefits.

  • Annoyed by setbacks. Blind spots may be in your way of better decision making.

  • Frustrated by poor execution. Your company seems to be a step behind the competition.

  • Dissatisfaction with the lack of innovation. Will there be a disruptive innovation that will catch your company by surprise?


CEO Forum teams, sometimes referred to as mastermind groups, have existed for over seventy-five years. Their impacts on improving companies have been chronicled by many. (reference this Vistage Group study)

CEO Forum participants elevate leadership skills and enhance decision making abilities. Members leverage the collective experiences of teammates, expanding their own potential. CEO Forum teams bring reality and accountability into focus. No one could possibly understand a CEO’s struggles better than a fellow leader that faces the same challenges.

Members embrace the notion put forth by Confucius, who professed, “real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

It is lonely at the top. CEOs are never sure they get the real story. Making the decisions that materially impact the company and the careers of people, CEOs operate in an environment where it is difficult to get non-partisan information and advice. Sometimes, people irresistibly tell the CEO what they believe she or he wants to hear, which handicaps the quality of decision making.

CEOs benefit from unbiased advice emanating from peers that don’t have a personal agenda. When credible teammates weigh in with their insights and experiences, the depth and quality of decisions improves. In turn, better decision-making paves the way to improving the bottom line. CEO Forum teams are highly effective at sharing best practices, and are a great place to vet possibilities for innovation.

For a company to Play to Win, excellent leadership is required.