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Struggle to grow, struggle to survive.

The longer a company remains stuck, the more perilous it's future becomes. Exceptional employees ponder their loyalty, owners question their investment. The cultural elements that bind a successful organization, employee engagement and ownership confidence, start to unravel.

Lackluster growth has impact. Pessimism grows. A hesitancy to invest creeps in, and inertia develops.

Stuck. It is not an accident, it is a choice. When under the siege of compounding mediocrity, succumbing to the urge to not lose ground seems increasingly prudent. We call this defensive logic a “playing not to lose” mentality.

The more an executive employs a “playing not to lose” strategy, the more likely that results will be lackluster. “Playing not to lose” is about trying to just keep what you already have. Meeting the expectation of staying the same becomes perverted success. Ultimately it ensures a self-fulfilling prophecy that the company will remain stuck.

Fortunately, there are other choices.

Play to Win. Winning starts with a belief that everything thing can change, any problem can be solved, and new skills can always be developed.

Winning is a contagious mindset. It is addictive energy. Winning is seductive, and irresistible. Winning spreads through an organization unleashing innovation, effort, enthusiasm, persistence, and optimism.

Nothing spreads winning faster than being part of a team.

We organize teams to conquer the problems often viewed as unsolvable. Our team members become contagions of winning that infect their own company, and spread success.

Stop being stuck. Play to Win.