The Process of Building Teams from Members of different Companies

Vetting selecting with stengel.png

The Success Catalyst utilizes a four-step process to secure the right members for each mastermind team

Get ready to join a team of like-minded achievers. Our vetting process is designed to build teams that collaboratively realize opportunities. Fitting the right people together is vital to team success. Membership on a team is not for everyone. Vetting ends when you and The Success Catalyst mutually believe, and then agree, that a team would benefit you, and inversely, you would benefit a team.

Step 1 – Identification and Introductory Discussion. The process begins with evaluating a prospective member’s social media business profile for evidence of characteristics and experiences which are historically cohesive with good team performance. After identification, a team member of The Success Catalyst contacts candidates to explore potential interest and fit for team membership.

Step 2 – Summit or Executive Briefing. After expressing interest, candidates who appear qualified then participate in a summit or executive briefing with like-minded candidates to explore mutual expectations and potential benefits of team membership.

Step 3 – Vetting. Our goal is to ensure that only enthusiastic and qualified candidates ultimately join a team. Our vetting is designed to methodically validate match and aligned expectations for team membership.

Step 4 - Team Introduction. Acceptance and Enrollment. This final stage creates a sixty-day trial period so prospective new members can rapidly engage with the all the people on a team and experience the process. This ensures we have made excellent decisions about team membership, and that we are motivated to correct a potential mistake as early as possible.